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Women & Girls Ministry

To encourage women and girls to deepen their relationship with Christ and serve one another through the building of the kingdom in loving edification and evangelism, service, communication and Christian development - seeking to address spiritual needs specific to women and girls through efforts that facilitate spiritual growth, unity of fellowship and glorify God.

Men's Ministry

Develop men into strong Disciples of Christ so they can be good examples of spiritual leaders in their home, church and community. Providing support for men through biblical instruction and fellowship offering specific ways for men to serve the body of Christ that support the church’s vision.

Evangelism Outreach Ministry

Train members how to evangelize; enhance member engagement, outreach out to delinquent members; increase community involvement and outreach; increase visitor followup; hold meetings with invited speakers

LIFE Groups

A LIFE Group is a small group of three to twelve people who meet on a regular basis to build meaningful relationships that will result in personal spiritual growth.

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