Foundraising Protocol


All fundraisers must reflect and relate to the principles and purposes of the Church and serve the mission of the Church. The Church must be mindful of fundraising activities that effects the Churches 501(c)3 status.


All fundraisers are to be conducted for the benefit of the Church and its ministries. Fundraising will not be done to benefit non-sponsored organizations or for-profit entities. Read More

Wedding Protocol


In order to clarify procedures and improve the coordination of the Wedding Ministry, the following guidelines have been developed and approved by the Elders and Minister. The Holgate Church of Christ encourages marriage and upholds the sanctity of marriage as a holy ceremony between a woman and a man Genesis 2:22-25, Matthew 19:4-5, Eph. 5:22-33. Read More

Benevolence Protocol


Sometimes bad things happen to good people and when they do we want you to know what Holgate Church of Christ can do to help. We may not be able to bail a family out of the situation they’re in, but working together there are some things we may be able to do to help. Read More

Funeral Protocol


Life is a gift from God. Our children, family, friends, neighbors, and strangers are all gifts to be savored. Although some days may be full of hardship and sadness, each breath, heartbeat, and thought illustrates the beautiful gift of life. Read More

Facility Protocol


The Facilities of the Holgate Church of Christ are under certain circumstances available for use by the congregation, its members and other individuals and organizations. The Church's facilities were provided through God's benevolence and by the sacrificial generosity of the Church members. Read More

Non-Profit Protocol


Partnering/Funding/Collaborations Policy Statement for Non-Profit Agencies.


This document is intended to be a guide in establishing a policy on funding, partnering or collaborating with other non-profit agencies, faith based agencies, organized churches, Read More

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